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Tykes to Titans Challenge Matches

Not only is Match Play critical to the development of your child’s tennis ability; it is FUN!  Challenge Ladders have long been used to encourage players to improve through experience.  The Challenge Ladder is designed to prepare your child for competitive play.  But we do NOT want any pressure to win.  Only encourage effort, hard play, and good sportsmanship.


What is a Challenge Ladder?

Think of a ladder with as many steps as there are participants.  Participants are ranked with the best at the top.  The idea is to climb to the top of the ladder.  This is accomplished by bettering your skills, challenging those above you.  When you win a challenge, you move up the ladder.  If you loose a challenge, your position does not change if you are the lower ranked player.  You drop one step if you lose and are the higher ranked player.

Who Can Play?

Initially, students at Tykes to Titans and Tennis-Tykes are open to play.  But the object is to get kids from other clubs involved.

What is the Format?

There are two Challenge Ladders.

I. Red Ball

1. Primarily 8 y.o & under on a 36’ court.  23” maximum length racquets. 

2. Timed 30 min match.  Scores reported as 1 set, Number of games won winner—number of games won loser

3. Bounce hit serves allowed if neither player in top 10.


II. Orange Ball

1. Primarily 10 y.o. & under on at 60’ court.  25” maximum length racquets.  I allow slightly older kids that are new to tennis.

2. 1st to 2 sets wins.  Sets are abbreviated, 1st to 4 games wins the set.  No-ad games, at 40-40 winner of next point wins the game.

3. No Bounce hit serves.  Either Overhead or Underhand Serves, the ball cannot hit the ground first.


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