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Making Tennis Fun for Children
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Why Mess With Tennis?

The rules of Tennis have changed… and for the better!  Equipment and Courts for adults and older teens are just NOT conducive to children learning and loving tennis.  Racquets are too heavy, balls are too heavy, too fast, and bounce too high.  Nets are too high and courts too long.  These problems have made it difficult for children to learn and love Tennis.  I am personally pleased this has been recognized and rectified.  Below are video clips explaining the changes and rationale behind them.

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The Tennis-Tykes Method

The United States Tennis Association (USTA), through its Ten and Under Tennis, instituted a national initiative to make tennis fun and easy to learn for children.  Racquets, balls, nets, and courts have been redesigned to be appropriately sized for children.  This brings fun to children while learning skills and developing physical abilities.  Further, Team Tennis in the 8 and under age level and the 10 and under age level is now available. 


Townsend Gilbert has emerged as one of the premier experts on teaching tennis to young children.  Mr. Gilbert has taught tennis over 35 years and was instrumental in the development of The USPTA’s Little Tennis Program.


Tennis-Tykes has adopted the equipment and methods of these programs.  Below are a few clips of the Ten and Under Tennis program and Mr. Gilbert’s comments on the USPTA’s Little Tennis Method.

The answer is… as soon as possible.  What is key is to teach them at the level for their age and ability.  Hand to eye coordination and gross motor skills are developed in a FUN environment.  This can be done individually, but the group dynamic brings fun and a desire in children to excel.

Once they can hit a ball over the net… start at the net.

When to Start Your Child Playing Tennis.

Where to start your Child on the Court.