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Why Tennis ?

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At Tennis-Tykes, we passionately believe the Gift of Tennis is a Gift for LIFE.  Start your children on a program that will bring them a lifetime of enjoyment and fitness.


Throughout the country, experts are recognizing the importance of physical activity to the overall development of children as well as the overall health of adults.


Tennis is an excellent sport that provides a fun means of developing motor skills and exercising, obtaining cardiovascular benefit.  Tennis is enjoyed throughout life.  It requires a small time commitment, is fairly inexpensive, and matches and leagues are readily available for all ages and skill levels.


Tennis is an Individual Sport or a Team Sport, your choice.  You may choose to play only singles in leagues or tournaments or you may choose to play singles or doubles (with a partner) on a team.  Either way, it is great fun.  You meet many interesting people, and gain the benefit of exercise.


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